The Pursuit of Happiness — I found it in Chengdu

Authors: Joachim Kim Kässmodel (China Daily)


I live in Chengdu, a poetic place that hosts foodies and creative minds.
Years later, I would ask her what it was that made her attracted to me. I remember her telling me she just knew that I was the one from the very first moment she met me. Love, indeed works wonders.
According to Founders & Founders, the average number of people for any one to meet in this world are about 80,000, and more than half of that amount is just people who simply pass by, without leaving any impacts on our lives. Even fewer of those who would actually stay and remain friends or become associates, and I believe out of all that, there is only one, true special person who is meant to be the partner that we search for, and it was in Chengdu, a city of romance and beauty that I found my partner in life.
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