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Interesting sports activities, delicious foods and a lifestyle that perfectly fits you.
Well, good news for people who may feel hesitant or reluctant in pursuit of a healthy life—most of us believe that this kind of life means nothing but a too strict diet and too strenuous exercises. A group of foreigners in Chengdu are now promoting the new ideas about healthy life: interesting sports activities, delicious foods and a lifestyle that perfectly fits you.
In fact, the ideas are winning the heart of people and gaining popularity among locals. A large group joined in the SHIFT Day held earlier this month and got a different experience for healthy life.
The word "SHIFT" is the acronym for Sport, Health, Improvement, Fitness and Transformation, and you know what the SHIFT Day is about.
Participant enjoyed varied activities of the SHIFT Day, staged on Dec. 11 at Shuijingtang in downtown Chengdu. They had fun in new sports programs under the guidance of foreign trainers at the Martial Arts Zone, Fitness Zone, Orange Cycle Zone and MoreFun Zone.
Diversified vegetables, fruits and healthy food were recommended for them, an effort to change the stereotype ideas about the healthy food.
"We hope that this program can bring people together and get them more interested in healthy life. I have lived in Chengdu for three years, and I like the city very much. I would like to introduce to people something new about the modern healthy living," said Matan from Israel, one of the organizers of the SHIFT Day.
SHIFT Day is organized by four expats living in Chengdu: Matan from Israel, Robbie from the US, Shaz from the UK and Erik from Germany. All of them enjoy living in Chengdu and they come together to launch this program, hoping to bring more vitality and vigor to the city they love.
Talking about the future of SHIFT Day, Erik said: "The success of the event encourages us to make more efforts to make it a platform attracting more people. We are planning to develop an APP and try to make the SHIFT Day a famous brand in Chengdu."

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