Sharing-bikes a New Way of Green Transport

Authors: Go Chengdu


The sharing-bikes has recently caused a swirl among new generations in the city, providing them a new alternative to get to short-distance sites instead of walking or taking a taxi.

The new practice features a new way of green transport and compared with the conventional bikes for public use, such as the bikes for rent, the biggest characteristic of the new sharing bikes is that the bikes can be located by GPS and other online apps anytime and anywhere, much to the convenience of the users.

Here are some useful tips for the sharing-bikes users:

The main functions of sharing-bikes:

1. Intelligent GPS search and automatic navigation positioning;

2. Scan the Apps code to unlock the car, time-sharing leasing and online payment.

At present, Chengdu has 4 companies dealing in sharing-bikes: Mobike, Youon, OFO and Yibu Bike.

Mobike, with the more fashionable bikes, is also popular in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Youon has high cost-efficiency and covers more than 200 cities in China. OFO focuses on operations on campus while Yibu Bike is a local company in Chengdu.

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