Do as Chengdu People do, in Winter

Authors: Go Chengdu


The frigidity of winter fails to dispirit local people but ignites a new round of liveliness of the city.
The season of winter sees people in Chengdu engaged in an animated activities and various entertainments after the hard work for a whole year, with distinctive local flavors.
1. Make Sausages
Sausages make an indispensable dish for the Spring Festival banquet, especially in South China, and so it is not a surprise to see families in Chengdu — usually people of the older generations and primarily the retired, for the younger generations prefer to buy sausages from the supermarket — busy preparing sausages in winter, which is the best time in a year to make sausages.
Sausages in China in general have two flavors, the Guangdong (Cantonese) flavor and the Sichuan flavor, with the former being a bit sweet and the latter a bit spicy.
In Chengdu, the sight of sausages hanging on the balcony is a sign of the upcoming Spring Festival.
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