Top 10 Nongjiale Sites in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Among the numerous Nongjiale facilities around Chengdu, 10 sites were named “Top 10 Charming Rural Tourism Spots” in 2014 by Sichuan Provincial Tourism Association. And now follow us to explore these best resorts in the countryside for holidays and weekends.
6. Yingyue Lake Hotel
Loquat is certainly the theme of the hotel that lies in Shuangliu County in southern Chengdu, since its location is not far from the Loquat Expo Park in West China. The golden, luscious fruit the size of a table tennis is often considered as a symbol of luck and harvest in the Chinese folk culture.
Loquat-related memorabilia can be found everywhere at the site, such as a marble statue of Li Shizhen, author of the Compendium of Materia Medica, with the records on the medicinal efficacious properties of loquat engraved at the base of the statue.
Special dishes and desserts made from loquats are offered at the restaurant of the hotel, a delight to many visitors to the site.
Address: Yongxing Town, Shuangliu County
Tel: 028-81544999
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