Spiciness on the Scroll: Hotpot Restaurants in Chengdu

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A series of watercolor and ink painting works depicting hotpot restaurants in Chengdu.
There are countless Hotpot restaurants in Chengdu and having a taste of Chengdu Hotpot is almost a must to the visitors.


Hotpot, with its distinctive spicy taste, is said to be the invention of the porters and boatmen on the rivers across the vast land of Sichuan and Chongqing.
While Chongqing hotpot features strong spicy taste, the hotpot of Chengdu is noted for more varied flavors, and Chengdu hotpot restaurants are usually more finely decorated.

Map of Hotpot Restaurants in Chengdu

The information below may help you better enjoy hotpot in Chengdu.
The area around the Jinsha Site Museum has the largest congregation of hotpot restaurants in Chengdu ― the Funan Xinqu Community ― and the famous Yipintianxia Gourmet Street.
The Wide and Narrow Alleys, a hot tourist destination in Chengdu, is also a good place to savor hotpot and other dishes. And you can have a see of Sichuan Opera performances after dinner!
Hongxing Road and Jianshe Road are also very popular sites for local hotpot lovers.
The name of Yulin (Yulin Community, or Yulin Xiaoqu) never fails to stimulate imaginations among local foodies, who can always satisfy themselves in the numberless restaurants in the area.
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That’s Where You Can Find Me

A series of watercolor and ink painting works depicting scenes in Chengdu has become an online hit.

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