Hand-drawn Map of Chengdu Metro Line 4 Shows Tourist Sites Along the Route

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Local artist Guo Jinsong, who has moved from Leshan City to settle in Chengdu, has recently published his new painting work that provides an artistic presentation of the stations and nearby tourist attractions along the first phase of Chengdu Metro Line 4, which is expected to be put into service by the end of this year.
The city’s new subway line has a length of about 21.7 km and runs from Intangible Cultural Heritage Park in the west to Wannianchang in the east.
Mr. Guo’s hand-drawn map of Metro Line 4 is hailed as “a tourist guide on paper” for its vivid description of the stations and adjacent tourist sites along the line, and the artist’s love of the city.
1. Intangible Cultural Heritage Park
2. Zhongba
3. Qingjiang Road West
4. Cultural Palace
Jinsha Site Museum
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