Qingyang Temple in Beluha's Eyes

Authors: Go Chengdu


Stone tablets carved with patterns of 12 creatures of the Chinese zodiac, stone sculptures of dragons, tea house with cozy and relaxing atmosphere, vegetarian restaurant offering delicious food, grand architecture, and significant Taoist cultural relics ... All these can be seen in the Qingyang Temple (Green Ram Temple) in downtown Chengdu. In the temple, visitors are usually impressed by crowds of people who are practicing Tai Chi.
"At 16:00 every Friday, Saturday and Sunday, a yard inside the temple always becomes a venue for people to do Tai Chi. Taught by an instructor in front of them, the practitioners, with agile steps and nimble postures, are so attentive to their movements, forgetting all hustles and bustles of the world around them," said Beluha.
About the photographer:

Beluha Vyacheslav is a photographer from Lativa. Interested in different cultures and people across the world, he has lived in Chengdu for two and a half years, in hopes of knowing better about social growth of the city. Beluha has recorded lots of wonderful moments of Chengdu with his camera.
Blog: http://vbeluha.livejournal.com
WeChat: Beluha

2nd Chinese Martial Arts Culture Festival

The 2nd Chinese Martial Arts Culture Festival will be held in Chengdu from Dec. 21 to Dec. 27. The opening ceremony of the event will take place at the Qingyang Temple in downtown Chengdu.

Nov 29, 2014

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