24 Solar Terms: End of Heat

Authors: Go Chengdu


The Chinese character “处” (Chu) means end and “处暑” means the end of hot summer.
The End of Heat (Chu Shu, "处暑" in Chinese) is the 14th term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms (a supplementary system in the Chinese calendar to guide farm work) and falls on sometime around Aug. 23, when the sun moves to the celestial longitude of 150 degrees.
The Chinese character "处" (Chu) means end and "处暑" means the end of hot summer. After the End of Heat, the rainy season in most regions of China, except south and southwest China, will come to an end. And the day-and-night temperature difference will become large, which makes people more vulnerable to respiratory diseases, enterogastritis, and influenza.

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