24 Solar Terms: Awakening of Insects

Authors: Go Chengdu


Welcome to the Jing Zhe Term, or the term of “Awakening of Insects”, which signals the rise in temperature and increased rainfall. The term falls on March 5 and ends on March 19 this year.
The Awakening of Insects (Jing Zhe, "惊蛰" in Chinese, meaning that insects are awakened from winter sleep by the sound of thunder) is the 3rd term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms (a supplementary system in the Chinese calendar to guide farm work) and falls on somewhere between March 5 and 6, when the sun moves to the celestial longitude of 345 degrees. After the arrival of the term, thunders and raining period begin to appear all over China and the sound awakens all kinds of hibernating insects.
After the Awakening of Insects, the weather starts to get warm. People should eat fresh vegetables and food high in protein and vitamins,such as bamboo shoot, spinach, celery, chicken, eggs and milk, etc., to enhance their health and strengthen resistance to germs and viruses. It is occasionally chilly and dry in early spring, so people usually eat pears on the day of Waking of Insects to moisten the lung and relieve coughing.

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