“24 Solar Terms Live Show”—— Tomb-sweeping Day

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The Tomb-sweeping Day (also known as the Qingming Festival), on the first day of the 5th term of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, is a traditional Chinese festival .
Qingming (清明 in Chinese, literally means "clear and bright") is the 5th term of the 24 solar terms (the supplementary system in the Chinese calendar to guide farm work) and arrives when the sun moves to the celestial longitude of 15 degrees.

On the Day, people go outside and enjoy the greenery of springtime, and visit their ancestors and deceased family members' graves. They remove weeds and sweep away leaves on the graves, to show filial respect for their ancestors and commemorate their deceased family members.

The Day is not just a day of remembrance, and also a day to celebrate the coming of spring. People usually go out for a picnic and flying kites on the Day.
During the week, the average air temperatures are between 12 and 21 degrees centigrade, while the air humidity is 64%-93%.
Travel Recommendations during Qingming Period
Dujiangyan Irrigation System & Qingcheng Mountains
The Dujiangyan Irrigation System is an ancient irrigation system still in use today and recognized as the "father of world hydrology engineering". The irrigation system relieves floods and droughts in the Chengdu Plain.
Qingcheng Mountains are an important Taoist site in China and a very popular summer resort for people in Chengdu for its ancient Taoist temples, agreeable climate and environment.
Huanglongxi Town
Huanglongxi, with a long history dating back to 2,000 years ago, profound culture and colorful folk customs, attracts thousands of visitors from across the country and around the world.
Anren Ancient Town
The buildings in Anren Town have the distinctive West Sichuan style and are well preserved, and some of them have been turned into museums.
Luodai Ancient Town
The town was founded during the period of Three Kingdoms (220 - 280) and, according to the legend, the Shuhan emperor Liu Shan dropped his jade belt into a well when he passed through this small town and thus the town was named 'lost belt' (落带). It later evolved into its current name (洛带) with the same pronunciation but different characters.
Jiezi Ancient Town
The Jiezi ancient town is located in Chongzhou City in western Chengdu, not far from the famous Qingcheng Mountains. The town has a history of over 1,000 years and boasts 32 temples and a number of historical sites.

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