Jinjiang District
Covering an area of 62 square kilometers, Jinjiang District is located in the southeast of downtown Chengdu.
It has jurisdiction over 16 streets and 89 neighborhoods, with a registered permanent residence population of 530,000 and an actual number of residents amounting to 980,000. Over the recent years, the district, centering on Chengdu's development goals in the current and next periods, has been sparing no effort to become an international community and a new engine fueling the city's economic growth, and has already made remarkable progress in all areas.
The district boasts a long history and profound culture and civilization. It's the brithplace of the world's earliest paper money "Jiao Zi," and has lots of brilliant cultural and historical heritages and legacies, including centuries-old Daci Monastery, China's first white spirit distillery Shuijingfang, a historic site of urban blocks in the Tang (618-907) and Song (960-1279) dynasties, former residence of famous native writer Li Jieren (1891-1962) , Sichuan Opera culture, the craftsmanship of Shu Embroidery and Chinese culture of liquor.
Commercially prosperous, the district, with modern urban landscape and massive stylish skyscrapers, has long been renowned as the best place in western Sichuan for its thriving business and trade. Designated by the national government as a prosperous business district, it plays an important role in Chengdu's process of going global. The CBDs in and around Chunxi Road and Yanshikou block have won fame both at home and abroad, and the IFS and Taikoo Li are now new business landmarks in the city. Nine countries, including France and Switzerland, have set up consular agencies in the district, which is home to the largest numbers of top-end hotels, Fortune Global 500 companies, internationally renowned brands, and foreign-funded financial institutions among all of its counterparts in western China.
Naturally beautiful and ecologically friendly, Jinjiang District was titled the first state-level urban ecological district in central and western China. Its Sansheng Flower Village was rated as a national 4A tourist attraction, and Bailuwan Wet Park is highly popular among local residents.

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