Stage Show Tai Chi Global Tour Chengdu Stop
2014.07.18 - 2014.07.20
RMB1280, 1080, 880, 680, 480, 280, 180
Jincheng Palace of Fine Arts
Regularly traveling around the world to give performances, the traveler (the lead in the show) feels exhausted both mentally and physically, and wants to find his source of energy. Going through a lot of trouble, he finally comes to the East with the summon of the Tai Chi diagram. Under the guidance of the phoenix, which is regarded as the king of birds in ancient Chinese legends, the traveler goes into the magic world of Tai Chi, experiencing a mysterious journey there. After encountering different masters of Tai Chi and undergoing kinds of hardship, he at last acquires the ball of energy from the grandmaster of Tai Chi, and finds his own source of energy and lives a life of Tai Chi.
Isaac Hou (Chinese-American) … Traveler
Isaac Hou is an artist of stunt show and the winner of China’s Got Talent TV show on crystal ball and big iron ring playing.