Sichuan Museum Reopens
Sichuan Museum
The Sichuan Museum was reopened on Mar. 18.
Opening Hours
09:00-17:00 (Admission closes at 16:00)
The museum is closed to the public on Monday (Statutory public holidays are not included).
● Make real-name reservations through the WeChat official account "四川博物院", or enter the museum by showing ID cards or other valid certificates.
● Please show your health code or health certificate and register with your real name.
● Please cooperate with museum staff to undergo temperature checks and physical checks (Those not wearing masks, having body temperatures higher than 37.2℃ or showing any other physical abnormalities will not be allowed into the museum).
Temporary Limitation on the Number of Visitors
The number of visitors is strictly controlled within 2,000 daily.
Hours Reservation Visitors in the museum
09:00-13:00 600 persons 400 persons
13:00-17:00 600 persons 400 persons
Requirements and Suggestion for Visitors
● When the number of visitors in the exhibition halls reach 500, admission will close temporarily. Please wait in the rest area.
● During the visit, please do not gather, and keep more than 1.5 meters from others.
● In case of emergency, please contact and cooperate with museum staff.
● It is suggested that the time of visit should be controlled within 2 hours.
Service Adjustments
● The museum does not provide guide services temporarily.
● Visits of study, tourist and social education groups are suspended.
● Touchscreen electronic interactive devices in the exhibition halls are out of service temporarily.