Mulberry Picking Tour
2020.04.15 - 2020.05.15
Outskirts of Chengdu
The magenta mulberries are now in harvest time. How about taking a tour to pick the lovely fruit?
Canghai Xiangtian Tourist Area
The mulberries are in harvest time at the Canghai Xiangtian Tourist Area in Jianyuan Town of Chengdu's Jianyang City, which is planting 266.67-hectare mulberry trees.
In the place, you can pick mulberries, taste local food, view natural scenery, experience agricultural eco-tourism, and buy wine, juice and tea made of mulberries.
Harvest period: Mid April-Mid May
By self-drive: Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway/Jianyang-Pujiang Expressway/National Highway G321 — Canghai Xiangtian Tourist Area
Zhaojiashan Village
You can pick mulberries, go fishing and taste rustic dishes at the Zhaojiashan Village of Yucheng Neighborhood in Chengdu's High-tech Zone (East Area).
Harvest period: Mid April-Mid May
By self-drive: Downtown Chengdu — Shuangliu-Jianyang Expressway — Zhaojiashan Village
Downtown Chengdu — Chengdu-Jianyang Expressway — Zhaojiashan Village