Experience Hot Pot Culture in Chengdu
2016.12.28 - 2017.01.15
Chengdu City
Hot pot is a kind of popular food in the city, especially in wintertime. During the ongoing 2016 Chengdu Hot Pot Culture Month, about 1,000 restaurants of 200 hot pot brands across the city offer discounts to consumers.
Many creative activities, including a hot pot-themed micro film show, release of a hand-drawn map of hot pot restaurants in the city and post cards about the food, as well as a contest for makers from the local hot pot industry are now in full swing.
By producing ID card and air ticket dated on Dec. 31, 2016 - Jan. 2, 2017, any domestic tourist coming to the city can get a 20% discount in 1,000 designated restaurants during the period.