Cool, Carefree Summer Holiday at Xiling Town
2015.07.18 - 2015.08.23
Xiling Town, Dayi County
Rafting, hiking, fresh air, pleasantly cool weather, picturesque sights, bicycling on the mountain road, local snacks and folk song performances... You can have all these at Xiling Town of Dayi County and you can’t ask for more for a time off in the sweltering summer!
The 2015 Summer Drifting·Folk Song·Food Festival is held July 18‒Aug. 23 at Xiling Town, which lies some 100 km in the west from downtown Chengdu.
Major activities such as Xiling folk song performances, food festival, local products fair and so on will be staged around the Local Products Shopping Center of Xiling Snow Mountains, the main venue of the Festival. Other programs include rafting, mountain bike racing, hiking and photographing tours, as well as a free tasting of local specialties, such as golden trout, sturgeon, bacon and mushrooms. Designated restaurants and hostels provide discount offers for tourists during the event.