Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall Reopens
Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall
The Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall was reopened on Mar. 24.
Opening Hours
10:00-16:00, Tue.-Sun. (Statutory public holidays are not included)
The hall is closed to the public on Monday.
● The number of visitors is temporarily limited currently. Visitors should make real-name reservations at least one day earlier. They will be allowed into the hall in batches and the entry times will be staggered to avoid overcrowding. The number of visitors to enter the hall is limited within 30 at the same time every day. The dynamic number of visitors is limited within 200 per day.
● The theater, movie viewing area, reading stand, interactive exhibits, and touchscreen devices in the hall are out of service temporarily.
● Currently, group visits are unavailable temporarily. Guide services are not provided during the period of the COVID-19 prevention and control. Visitors can visit the hall on their own, or with the help of the audio guide service by scanning the QR code in the hall.
● Visitors should wear masks and produce their original valid ID certificates and green Tianfu health code valid for 14 days, or answer questions by the staff of the hall. They are all required to confirm that they are not suspected COVID-19 cases, and did not have exposure to anyone coming from areas heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and stay in such areas, or don't have any COVID-19-like symptoms in 14 days before going to the hall. Visitors should cooperate with the staff of the hall in registering their personal information, body temperature measurement, and safety inspection. Those having body temperatures higher than 37.3℃ or showing any other physical abnormalities, like cough and shortness of breath, will not be allowed into the hall.
● Visitors should cooperate with the staff in the daily disinfection and cleaning of the hall and all public areas.
● During the visit, everyone should keep more than 2 meters from others.
● Visitors should register their time of leaving at the exit.
● Please call 028-85152877 in case of fever or any physical discomfort in the hall.
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