Chengdu Museum Reopens
Chengdu Museum
The Chengdu Museum was reopened on Mar. 17. Those who want to go there need to know the things below.
Opening Hours
Admission closes at 15:00.
The museum is closed to the public on Monday.
Opening Areas
Temporary Limitation on the Number of Visitors
● Currently, group visits, including those from travel agencies and schools, are unavailable temporarily.
● The number of visitors is strictly controlled within 2,000 daily, and the instantaneous visitor flow is limited within 300.
10:00-13:00, no more than 1000 visitors
13:00-16:00, no more than 1000 visitors
● Online booking and on-site pickup of tickets are available for visitors. Those booking their tickets online should enter the museum by producing their reservation certificates. Visitors over 70 years old can pick up their tickets on site with their valid personal certificates. The number of visitors picking up their tickets on site is limited within 100.
● All visitors should wear masks, show their ID cards or other valid ID documents, and personal health codes, and cooperate with the museum staff to undergo temperature checks and make real-name registrations. Only those with normal body temperatures can enter the museum. Anyone with an abnormal body temperature or showing other physical abnormalities should cooperate with the museum staff there to have a further physical check at the temporary quarantine zone in the museum.
Requirements for Visitors
● The museum does not offer guide services during the period of COVID-19 prevention and control. Visitors can use WeChat audio guide, or rent intelligent voice guide devices at the information desk on the first floor of the exhibition hall.
● Visitors should keep a distance of more than 1.5 meters from one other when queueing to get into the museum.
● After entering the museum, visitors are not allowed to gather, and should keep more than 1.5 meters from others.
● Please contact museum staff in case of fever or physical discomfort inside the museum.
● Visitors coming from areas heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic or having a fever, cough and showing other physical abnormalities are not allowed to enter the museum. Please contact museum staff if you observe anyone with such symptoms.
● Please cooperate with the staff in cleaning, disinfecting and public health work in the museum.