Appreciating Peach Blossoms at Longquanyi
2020.03.07 - 2020.03.29
Taohua Guli
The peach trees in east Chengdu's Longquanyi District are now blooming. Currently, visitors planning to view the flowers there should know and remember the following things prior to your departure:
The Taohua Guli Scenic Spot and its surrounding areas receive no more than 10,000 visitors daily. Access to the places may be restricted temporarily if there are too many people.
To avoid traffic jam, local public security and traffic administrations may limit the number of cars at the entrances to and exits from the scenic spot, including those on the National Highway 318 (G318), during peak travel time. Tourists should pay attention to real-time road traffic information and avoid rush hours.
Tourists should wear masks, have their body temperatures measured and personal information registered.
Recreational services such as mahjong as well as board and card games, and indoor tea services will not be provided in agritainment businesses and B&Bs in the scenic spot.
All the businesses in the spot have adjusted their services for the COVID-19 prevention and control, so tourists should make restaurant reservations in advance.