Appreciate Wintersweet Blossoms
2020.01.01 - 2020.02.15
Tazishan Park and some other parks in Chengdu
Wintersweet is a kind of plant blooming in the coldest period of a year and admired by Chinese people for its noble character and sweet perfume.
Inside the Tazishan Park in downtown Chengdu there is an about 10,000-square meter wintersweet garden with over 10 species of such plant. Currently, it is one of the must-visit places for those who are wintersweet blossom lovers. The park is open to the public with free admission.
Some other places in the city are also ideal for appreciating the flowers.
Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum
Add: 37 Qinghua Rd.
Admission: RMB50/person
Jinsha Site Museum
Add: 2 Jinsha Yizhi Rd.
Admission: RMB70/person
Chengdu Botanical Garden
Add: Tianhuizhen Neighborhood
Admission: RMB10/person
Xinfu Meilin
Add: Jinjiang Ave.
Admission: Free
Huanhuaxi Park
Add: 9 Qinghua Rd.
Admission: Free
Wangjianglou Park
Admission: free for open area and RMB20/person for the cultural relic protection area
Add: 30 Wangjiang Rd.