2018 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show
2018.09.27 - 2018.10.28
Chengdu Botanical Garden
Hibiscus is the city flower of Chengdu. During the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period (907–960), Meng Chang (919-965), the king of the Later Shu Kingdom (934-965), ordered to plant hibiscus trees throughout the city. Since then, Chengdu has been called the City of Hibiscus.
The 2018 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show is being staged at the Chengdu Botanical Garden, where visitors can appreciate flowering hibiscus trees of 22 species and 800,000 pots of seasonal flowers of over 80 species, including sunflower, Cleome spinosa, Zinnia, Impatiens balsamina and little pyrethrum, etc.
The event organizers are offering interactive games themed plants and insects to enable children to know better about relationship between plants and animals, and an exhibition featuring 30 hibiscus-themed paintings and calligraphy works by more than 20 artists inside the garden.