2016 Three Kingdoms Culture Season
2016.08.16 - 2016.10.16
Entrance Ticket: RMB60
Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum
During the Three Kingdoms period (AD 220–280), there was a tripartite division of China between the states of Wei (魏), Shu (蜀) and Wu (吴). The period is an era of heroes with many legends in the Chinese history. The Chengdu Wuhou Shrine (Temple of Marquis Wu) is the most influential museum of the Three Kingdom culture in China. It was built in the Western Jin period (265 - 316) in honor of Zhuge Liang (181-234), a famous military and political strategist who was Prime Minister of the Shu-Han State during the Three Kingdoms period. The shrine highlights the Zhuge Liang Memorial Hall and the Mausoleum of Liu Bei (161-223) , along with statues of other officials and generals of the Shu-Han State and cultural relics like stone inscriptions and tablets.
The ongoing 2016 Three Kingdoms Culture Season in the Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum focuses on the culture of the Three Kingdoms with colorful programs, including theme lectures, exhibitions, and opera shows.
During the two-month event, the museum will extend its opening hours till 20:00 every day.