57th Chengdu Chrysanthemum Show

The 57th Chengdu Chrysanthemum Show is being ...

Enjoy a Happy Holiday in Chengdu

What are you going to do during the 7-day Nat ...

2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show

The 2019 Tianfu Hibiscus Flowers Show will op ...

Grape Picking and Sightseeing Tours in Suburban Chengdu

In suburban Chengdu’s vineyards, various spec ...

Best Places to View Lotus Blossoms in Downtown Chengdu

Now it is the good time to appreciate lotus b ...

Lotus Blossoms Appreciating Tour in Culture Park

The lotus blossoms inside the Culture Park in ...

Lotus Appreciating Tour at Du Fu's Thatched Cottage

Lotus blossoms at Chengdu Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum are now in full bloom.

2019-06-27 to 2019-07-27

2019 Chengdu People’s Park Lotus Show

The ongoing 2019 Chengdu People’s Park Lotus Show showcases over 6,000-pot blooming lotus of more than 10 species.

2019-06-20 to 2019-07-21

Lotus Flower Appreciating Tour

The vast expanse of lotus pond full of blooming flowers at the Qianmu Hetang (about 133.33 hectares) is now a perfect place to relax in the summer days.

2019-06-07 to 2019-07-07

Clown Show for Children

Russian comedians Kaparulin Valeriy and Ivanov Gleb will present a clown show at the Chengdu Milk Deluxe Concert Hall on June 1, the Children's Day.


1st Tianfu Greenway Cultural Tourism Festival

The 1st Tianfu Greenway Cultural Tourism Festival is underway.

2019-04-19 to 2019-05-17

23rd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival

The celebration for the 130th anniversary of the Wangjiang Tower & 23rd Chengdu Bamboo Culture Festival is being staged in the Wangjianglou Park.

2019-04-07 to 2019-04-27

Azalea Blossoms Show

The 2nd Pidu Azalea Blossoms Show is now running at the Shuguo Juandu Scenic Spot.

2019-03-29 to 2019-04-28

Appreciate Peach Blossoms

It is time to view peach blossoms in suburban Chengdu.

2019-03-11 to 2019-04-07

Appreciating Pear Blossoms

These days pear trees in and around Chengdu are bursting into full bloom.

2019-03-08 to 2019-05-06

Take A Flower Viewing Trip

It is right time to take a flower viewing trip to the outskirts of Chengdu.

2019-02-15 to 2019-04-05

2019 Spring Flower Show at Chengdu Botanical Garden

The spring flower show will be staged at the Chengdu Botanical Garden.

2019-03-08 to 2019-04-18

23rd Chinese New Year Shopping Festival in Sichuan

At the upcoming 23rd Chinese New Year Shopping Festival in Sichuan, you may find all you want.

2019-01-18 to 2019-02-01

Wish You A Happy New Year in Chengdu

How are you going to spend the three-day New Year holiday here in Chengdu?

2018-12-30 to 2018-01-01

Picking Strawberries

In winter time, the fresh juicy strawberries are beloved by people in Chengdu, and the strawberry farms around the city are always attractions to town residents.

2018-12-15 to 2019-01-15