Global Tour Pal Music Festival
2017.04.02 - 2017.04.04
Jiezi Town, Chongzhou City
The 1st Global Tour Pal Music Festival will be convened on Apr. 2-4 at the Luanfei Fengwu Scenic Spot and Meiyi Square of Jiezi Town in western Chengdu's Chongzhou City. Many famous Chinese singers and bands will be present at the Festival. Secret guests to appear at the shows will bring surprises to music fans.
A food street will open at the town during the Festival, selling various local snacks, and an area for showcasing souvenirs and products with local cultural features will be set up at the venue.
The Festival themed "Freedom, Youth, Self-release and Art" will bring you a special experience in the three-day holiday of Qingming (Tomb-sweeping Festival).