Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018
2018.09.07 - 2018.12.07
Anren Ancient Town, Dayi County
The Tianfu Old Town International Art Festival 2018 is underway at the Anren Ancient Town, west Chengdu's Dayi County.
During the event, masters and inheritors of Chinese national and local intangible cultural heritages, as well as arts and crafts will showcase their creations, including Chinese New Year pictures, China's four famous ink stones, porcelain ware, embroidery handicrafts, bamboo woven ware, dough figurines and lacquer ware, etc. And famous old towns in China will show their special exhibits and unique cultural features.
The landscape drama Mirroring Anren being performed at the town offers visitors an immersive experience and gives them a better understanding of the old town's past and present. Some other activities including Tour around Anren Wearing Cheongsam, a concert and a musical will also be staged at the town.