Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!
2019.09.13 - 2019.09.15
The traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival is an important occasion for family reunion for Chinese people. You haven't visited the following exhibitions both you and your family are interest in, have you? Don't miss them during the three-day holiday.
Chengdu Motor Show 2019
The Chengdu Motor Show 2019 is underway at the Western China International Expo City, with the presence of more than 1,600 automobiles by over 130 auto brands from Germany, the US, France, Japan, South Korea, China, as well as other countries and regions around the globe.
Exhibition: Da Vinci in Chengdu
By using some advanced digital technologies, the exhibition offers visitors a dazzling audio-visual feast and fascinating immersive experience.
Photo Exhibition: La Chine De Marc Riboud
French photographer Marc Riboud came to China for more than 20 times from 1957 to 2010, witnessing and recording the great changes of the country and its people.
New Zealand Contemporary Art Exhibition: The Land of White Clouds
An exhibition titled New Zealand Contemporary Art Exhibition: The Land of White Clouds is being staged at the Roof Space of Blue Roof Museum in Chengdu.
Discovery: Zhongshan State
The ongoing exhibition titled Discovery: Zhongshan State at the Chengdu Jinsha Site Museum displays 227 pieces of culture relics unearthed from the Zhongshan Site in Pingshan County, Shijiazhuang City, north China's Hebei Province.