Go Outing at Qingming
2018.04.05 - 2018.04.07
How to spend the three-day Qingming holiday (Tomb-sweeping Festival)? Stay home or go outing? Why not take a flower viewing trip or go picking spring tea leaves?

Appreciating Flowers
54th Chengdu Flower Fair
The 54th Chengdu Flower Fair is underway at the Chengdu Culture Park, showcasing over 80,000 pots/plants of flowers of more than 30 species.
Spring Flower Show at Chengdu Botanical Garden
At the ongoing spring flower show staged at the Chengdu Botanical Garden, around 600,000 fresh flowers and plants of various species in an area of about 130,000 m2 are blooming.

Tea-leaf Picking
Moderate temperature, abundant rainfall and the self rehabilitation of mother trees in winter enable spring tea leaves to get stout and strong, taste fresh and sweet, and to exude a strong aroma. Spring tea is rich in vitamins, especially amino acids.
Colorful activities are being held and to be staged at Chengjia Town of Pujiang County, including tea leaf picking, photo contest, and painting and calligraphy exhibition.
Visitors can go to the Jiaguan Town of Qionglai City to pick spring tea leaves and taste fresh tea.