Fun at Dragon Boat Festival
2019.06.07 - 2019.06.09
Downtown Chengdu
During the three-day traditional Chinese Dragon Boat Festival, some exhibitions in Chengdu may be good choices for you to spend the holiday.
Chinese Guqin Exhibition
The most eye-catching one is Shijian Qiaobing (石涧敲冰), a Guqin made in the Tang Dynasty (618-907) and collected by the Sichuan Museum.
Exhibition: SERPENTIform
The exhibition showcases over 180 pieces/sets of cultural relics and contemporary works of art, as well as Serpentine jewelries from Bulgari.
The Voice of Diet – Cultural Experience on Table
The exhibition showcases 122 pieces/sets of cultural relics and abundant pictures and documents, displaying the long history and development of the Chinese food culture.
Chinese Food (Recipe) Document Exhibition
The exhibition showcases 1,500 recipe books, telling the history, change and development of Chinese gastronomic culture (recipes) in a panoramic way.
He Duoling Solo Exhibition
The exhibits are showcased through four series with different themes: personage portraits, Russian forests, flowers and A House with an Attic.
Art Exhibition: Free Co-existence
The exhibiton showcases works by 15 young artists aged 30-40 years. They differ in styles of art and share similarities in creations.
Duo Exhibition
The duo exhibition is presented by artists He Xiangyu and Liang Chen.