Cherry Blossom Viewing Tour in Qingbaijiang
2019.03.21 - 2019.04.10
Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park, Qingbaijiang District
The 10th Chengdu Qingbaijiang Cherry Blossom Tourism and Culture Festival is underway at the Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park in northern Chengdu's Qingbaijiang District.
Tens of thousands of cherry blossom trees of over 100 species inside the park are now in peak bloom. It is good time to go there and enjoy a romantic sea of cherry blossoms with your families or friends.
Some other sideshows, including a Chinese painting and calligraphy exhibition and an agricultural products fair, are being staged at the park.
How to get there
By Self-drive
Downtown Chengdu→Chengmian(Chengdu-Mianyang) Highway→Exit Qingbaijiang→Parking Area of Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park
By High-speed Train and Bus
Chengdu East Railway Station→Qingbaijiang East Railway Station→No. Q6 Bus →Tongfuyuan Stop→Fenghuanghu (Phoenix Lake) Park
By Metro and Bus
Downtown Chengdu→Metro Line 3→Chengdu Medical College Station →No. 603 Bus →Tianyuan Guangchang Station