Not-to-miss Fun & Entertainment during Dragon Boat Festival
2018.06.16 - 2018.06.18
There will be many fun activities for you during the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival in Chengdu.
Museums & Activities
Jinsha Site Museum
At the exhibition titled Chengdu Archaeology-The Archaeological Finds in Recent 20 Years, visitors can see over 300 pieces/sets of culture relics unearthed in Chengdu.
Chengdu Museum
The old picture exhibition titled The Memento of Guanghan: Pictures by the Society for the Study of Chinese Architecture showcases the beauty of Chinese ancient buildings.
Wuhou Shrine Museum
A calligraphy and painting exhibition titled Feather Drifts across the Sky of History - Zhuge Liang in Calligraphy and Paintings is running at Chengdu Wuhou Shrine Museum, displaying over 40 calligraphy and painting works featuring the life of Zhuge Liang (181–234) created from Ming (1368-1644) and Qing (1636-1912) dynasties to modern times.
Sichuan Museum
The exhibition currently underway at Sichuan Museum displays over 100 pieces of porcelain ware made in Dehua County, Quanzhou, southeast China's Fujian Province.
Music Festival
2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival
The 2018 Spring Wave Music and Art Festival, one of the largest-scale outdoor music events in Asia, will kick off at 13:50 on June 16 at Weiran Flower Sea in Chengdu.
Dragon Boat Regatta
Dragon Boat Regatta in Sandaoyan Town
The 65th Sandaoyan Dragon Boat Regatta & 5th Water-Splashing Festival will be held June 16-18 in Sandaoyan Town, northwestern Chengdu's Pidu District. During the event, visitors can enjoy different types of entertainment, including water splashing, dragon boat regatta and cormorant fishing show.