2017 Chengdu Temple Fair
2017.01.23 - 2017.02.12
Wuhou Shrine Museum, Jinli Street
During the 2017 Chengdu Temple Fair people will have a look of:
●300 Performances including Sichuan Opera, Magic, Acrobatics, Martial Arts and Scottish Bagpipe Show
●4 Exhibitions
The 2017 Chengdu Temple Fair will kick off at 19:45 on Jan 23 and will last till Feb 12. About 300 performances and 4 exhibitions will be brought to visitors during the event.
The main stage of the Temple Fair will put on several award-winning performances including two sets of dances of Sichuan Opera, several local bands and three bands from Europe will perform at the auxiliary stages and traditional performances like magic, acrobatics and lion dance will be staged at different venues during the period. Performances from foreign lands will include Scottish bagpipe performance and Cambodian traditional shows.
Four exhibitions with different themes will include the displays of the tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) from Luoyang Museum, old cars, Chinese paintings and crabapple flowers.
Visitors can also enjoy VR games about the Three Kingdoms (220-280) during the event, from which they can know more about the culture and stories in the Chinese history.