2017 Chengdu International Panda Lantern Carnival
2017.01.20 - 2017.02.19
RMB80, Jan. 28-Feb.11
RMB50, days other than Jan. 28-Feb.11
(The event will be suspended on Jan.27.)
Yoho Farm, Sansheng Village
The 2017 Chengdu International Panda Lantern Carnival will be held at the Yoho Farm of Sansheng Village in southeastern Chengdu. The event will put on show 7 themed parts featuring the Chinese New Year, food and snacks, amusement & performances, shopping festival, fireworks display, tulip lanterns, and farming experience. Over 130 groups of large and medium-sized lanterns and festive lamps will be installed at the venue.
Among the lanterns, two large-sized groups of lanterns are recommended: the lantern group installed above the lake in the park highlighting the modern lighting effects and traditional Chinese lanterns, and the 30-meter-high lantern group featuring pandas, scenic spots in the city and Sichuan culture including Sichuan Opera, dishes and Sichuan tea, etc.
During the event, visitors can enjoy delicious foods from around China and the world, as well as local snacks.