Two German Architectures 1949-1989
2014.08.02 - 2014.08.31
Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu (Exhibition Hall 1)
The documentary exhibition is jointly held by the Federation of German Architectural Archives and the German Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations at the Blue Roof Museum of Chengdu. Having toured many places in the world, it had been staged in Shanghai, Nanjing and other cities in China. It is a warm-up of the Double-100 (100 museums and 100 creative activities) Creative Initiative, an important part of the 2014 Chengdu Creativity and Design Week, which will take place in mid-October in the city.
The exhibition is divided into different parts themed states, living and leisure, education and training, economy and traffic, etc. The exhibits involve 32 construction projects and relevant discussions, 10 architectural topics, 22 building programs, 40 building models and exhibition boards, as well as duplicated photos, building plans, drafts and characters in 22 show cases.