Contemporary Chinese Painting: Exhibition from the Chengdu School 2014
2014.11.22 - 2014.11.28
Chengdu Art Academy
The Contemporary Chinese Painting: Exhibition from the Chengdu School 2014 was open at the Chengdu Art Academy on Nov. 22. More than 70 representative works of 7 artists, including Zhang Daqian, Zhao Yunyu, Tan Changrong, Qin Tianzhu, Cai Yinkun, Wu Xiaoyi and Tang Bin, are exhibited. The exhibition will last till Nov. 28 with admission free.
The artists, among whom Zhang Daqian belongs to the 1st generation, Zhao Yunyu the 2nd, Tan Changrong the 3rd, Qin Tianzhu and Cai Yinkun the 4th, and Wu Xiaoyi and Tang Bin the 5th, show clear artistic inheritance in their works. Zhang Daqian’s works displayed at the exhibition were primarily drawn in the 1940s and represent the creative style in his muture period of art. Graceful beauties and eight bewitching drunken immortals (eight famous poets or cultural celebrities in the Tang Dynasty (618-907)) painted by Zhao Yunyu can be seen at the show. Tan Changrong, having been engaged in the Sichuan Opera stage art for a long time, has a strong sense of space and a good understanding of decorativeness. Qin Tianzhu draws flower-and-bird paintings with a strong personal style which makes his works natural and vivid. Cai Yinkun pays much attention to his works’ markedness and eminence, highlights the characteristics of objects, and uses strong colors and full scale composition to express simplicity and beauty beyond imagination. Wu Xiaoyi and Tang Bin’s works are delicate and mild, creative and simple. The poetic mood reflected in their paintings always makes audience quite nostalgic.