Sun Zhuli Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition
2016.10.16 - 2016.10.31
Yongling Museum
The Sun Zhuli Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition to commemorate the 110th anniversary of his birth is being staged at Chengdu Yongling Museum, displaying over 150 pieces of exhibits including more than 60 pieces of excellent works with various styles created in different periods by Sun Zhuli, and his poetry manuscripts, letters, personal belongings, and photos & videos. Most of the exhibits are first shown to the public.
Sun Zhuli (1906—1986) is a well-known painter in traditional Chinese painting and the subjects of his works are from life, covering birds and flowers, figures, and natural landscape. During around 70 years as a painter, Sun Zhuli created about 5,000 pieces of paintings.