Experience Mysterious Ancient Egyptian Culture
2017.01.23 - 2017.05.04
Through ticket: RMB40/person
Jinsha Site Museum
An exhibition titled Ancient Egypt: World of Pharaohs and Gods to be held at Jinsha Site Museum will exhibit 155 pieces/sets of ancient Egyptian antiquities collected by Royal Ontario Museum of Canada, including mummies, statue of Queen Cleopatra and bronze god statues. With large-sized frescoes, rich texts and a lot of multi-media materials, the event will showcase an amazing world of Egyptian pharaohs and gods to visitors.
Outside the exhibition hall, many activities will be offered to visitors with more experiences about ancient Egyptian culture, such as a group of lanterns titled The Story of Pharaohs displaying the lives of 9 famous pharaohs in ancient Egypt, a photo exhibition about mysteries of Egypt and three places selling cultural and creative products about ancient Egypt.