Exhibition of Zhao Yunyu’s Art Works
2018.06.12 - 2018.09.12
Sichuan Art Museum
The exhibition of well-known Chinese artist Zhao Yunyu's art works is underway at Sichuan Art Museum, showcasing creations by Mr. Zhao and collected by his families, including 20 Chinese paintings of figures and landscapes, 3 paintings drawn on fan surfaces, and 7 seal carvings.
Zhao Yunyu (1916-2003), one of the students of famous Chinese art master Zhang Daqian, is adept at paintings with subjects including figures, flowers and birds, landscapes, beasts, fruits and vegetables, especially that themed ladies in ancient China. Mr. Zhao's achievements in the art field involve Chinese painting, calligraphy, poem, seal carving, as well as ancient calligraphy and painting appraisal and restoration.