Appreciating Cultural Relics: Stone Tiger Collected by Jinsha Site Museum
As a museum goer, do you feel bored these days since all museums in Chengdu are closed temporarily? Appreciating cultural relics at home through pictures and texts may be a good choice to enrich yourself culturally.
Speaking of the cultural relics collected by the Jinsha Site Museum, the first thing which comes to your mind may be the Sun and Immortal Birds Gold Ornament, a 3,000-year-old gold foil called Sunbird. But in the following, we will focus on a "fierce" stone tiger unearthed from Jinsha.
About the Stone Tiger
Length: 28.4cm Height: 19.8cm Width: 8.94cm
The crouching stone tiger looks fierce, powerful, and full of vigor. There is no doubt that the stone tiger carved using the circular engraving skill is an influential artwork in the Shang (about 1600BC-046BC) and Zhou (1046BC-256BC) dynasties. This stone tiger is ash black with white grayish black spots and veins of the rock all over its body, which represent the spots and stripes on the tiger's skin. With stretching forelimbs and bending-forward legs, the stone tiger has a raised head and a wide-open mouth revealing four canine teeth.