Lianpu in Sichuan Opera

In Sichuan Opera, different colors in the fic ...

Bronze Civilization in Qin and Shu Regions

Bronze, the earliest alloy in the history of ...

4th iSTART Children’s Art Festival

The 4th iSTART Children's Art Festival to ope ...

Exhibition of Chinese Paintings by Li Keran

An exhibition highlighting Li Keran's works w ...

Poetry-themed Photo Exhibition at PCID

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Exhibition: Da Vinci in Chengdu

To commemorate the 500th anniversary of Da Vi ...

Record of Future 2019

An ongoing art exhibition titled Record of Future at the Chengdu Art Academy displays 65 excellent works by fresh graduates from art universities and colleges in Sichuan.

2019-06-22 to 2019-07-14

Australian Bark Painting Exhibition

The ongoing exhibition titled Old Masters - Australia’s Great Bark Artists at the Sichuan Museum displays 144 pieces/sets of bark paintings.

2019-06-26 to 2019-08-26

Lacquer Painting Exhibition

An exhibition featuring lacquer paintings by artists from southeast China’s Fujian province is underway at the Chengdu Art Academy.

2019-06-07 to 2019-06-18

Wild Plains-He Duoling Solo Exhibition

The ongoing exhibition Wild Plains-He Duoling Solo Exhibition at Sichuan Art Museum displays 135 paintings created by artist He Duoling.

2019-05-16 to 2019-06-14

Exhibition of Traditional Chinese Paintings by Female Artists

The exhibition of 55 traditional Chinese paintings by eight female artists is underway at the Chengdu Art Academy.

2019-05-15 to 2019-06-04

Art Exhibition: Free Co-existence

The art exhibition Free Co-existence is underway at the Blue Roof Museum in Chengdu.

2019-04-27 to 2019-06-23

Invitational Exhibition for Young Artists

An invitational exhibition for young artists titled Remoulded Individuals - Staring from the Medium is underway at the Chengdu Art Academy.

2019-04-24 to 2019-05-12

Exhibition: SERPENTIform

The exhibition SERPENTIform will be staged at the Chengdu Museum from Apr. 30 to Aug. 25.

2019-04-30 to 2019-08-25

Duo Exhibition by He Xiangyu & Liang Chen

The duo exhibition brought by artists He Xiangyu and Liang Chen will be staged from April 27 to July 28 at the LUXELAKES·A4 Art Museum.

2019-04-27 to 2019-07-28

Bewitched: Liu Deyang’s Art Exhibition

Bewitched: Liu Deyang’s Art Exhibition is underway at the Chengdu Art Academy.

2019-03-05 to 2019-03-18

Resonating with the Times - Sichuan Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition

Titled Resonating with the Times - Sichuan Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition, the event is underway at Chengdu Museum.

2019-01-30 to 2019-03-17

Exhibition of Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy on Fans

Chinese paintings and calligraphy on fans are a traditional form of painting in China and were very popular in ancient China among literati painters.

2019-01-25 to 2019-05-08

Calligraphy Works Exhibition

The 1st national joint exhibition of works from Chinese calligraphy institutes in China is underway at the Du Fu's Thatched Cottage Museum.

2018-12-29 to 2019-01-14

RE-SET Contemporary Art Exhibition

More than 60 groups of crossover art works by 23 artists form home and abroad are being showcased at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu.

2018-12-21 to 2019-03-20