The Three Must-try Restaurants in Chengdu

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As the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, Chengdu offers a greats diversity of delicious foods.


Three restaurants in Chengdu made entry in the list of 50 Must-try Restaurants in China in 2017, published by (China's group-buying website on locally found consumer products and retail services), based on big data collected from a huge number of consumers.

As the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO, Chengdu offers a greats diversity of delicious foods, and the three restaurants in the list are representatives of local restaurants that cover a wide range of choices: from the small snack shops to the upscale restaurants.
So let's have a look of the three restaurants in the ranking:

Wangji Guokui (Wang's Pancakes)

Cost: RMB10/person
Guokui is a popular traditional snack in Chengdu, which includes various recipes.
Wangji Guokui is loved for the crispy skin and substantial stuffing of the pancakes.

Longsenyuan Hotpot

Cost: RMB120/person
The restaurant stands out for its innovative hotpot, and you often find new offerings on the menu that indicates the restaurant's quest to cater to the clientele with new methods and new material selections.

Ginkgo·South Shenxianshu Restaurant

Cost: RMB300/person
The restaurant has three outlets in the city and is recognized for its history and reputation of being one of the top restaurants in Chengdu.
The outlet in the city's south, the one in the list, features Cantonese cuisine and offers luxury seafood buffet on weekends and holidays.

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