Jinli Snack Street: Paradise for Foodies

Authors: Go Chengdu


Jinli Street with many snack stands is the paradise for the foodies seeking delicacies in Chengdu, the City of Gastronomy by UNESCO.
Delicacies: Crystal Steamed Dumplings, Sliced Beef in Chili Sauce, Zhong Dumplings, Sour and Spicy Rice Noodles, Sichuan Sausages
Average Price: RMB5-15/person
Recommendation: The crystal steamed dumplings have a charming look and delicate tastes.
Delicacies: Sandapao
Average Price: RMB10-15/person
Recommendation: Sandapao is a bowl of glutinous rice balls served in soybean powder and black sugar. The snack gets this interesting name (Sandapao in Chinese means three big-gun shots) because of its ostentatious making: the balls are thrown onto a board with soybean powder and tinsel saucers before they land at the basket, making loud sounds in the process.
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