Display of ancient tableware in Chengdu Museum

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The Voice of Diet — Cultural Experience on Table debuted on April 30 and will last till June 9 in Chengdu Museum. The exhibits include 122 items (sets) focusing on the Chinese food culture of different historical periods.
As one of the supporting exhibitions for the Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival (CPAFF), it is an eye feast for people to learn more about the Chinese culture.
Classified exhibits at the show:
Plates collected by Chengdu Museum, Dongguan Museum and Guangdong Museum.
Bowls of bright colors and exquisite designs, mostly made in the Ming and Qing dynasties (1368-1911), with the highlight being a golden bowl shaped like a blossoming chrysanthemum in the Song Dynasty (960-1279).
Pots used in ancient China were usually made of porcelain or silver.
The patterns on the porcelain dishes are still vivid and bright-colored.
Tea trays
Tea trays on display are mostly of a kind of tea set used to prevent scalding and hold the tea cup.
Other exhibits include cookers, clay pots, chopsticks and pottery shelves.

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