Comfort Foods: Life at Southwest University for Nationalities

Authors: Lindsey Bays


Taking a look at Southwest University for Nationalities' foreign exchange community, you can find top restaurants, dishes, and food options around.
Living in China as a foreign exchange student can be challenging at times, but things that foreigners can always find comfort in is food.
Taking a look at Southwest University's foreign exchange community, you can find a few top restaurants, dishes, and food options around.
Peter's Tex Mex
For those missing Mexican food and American breakfast, there are many Peter's Tex Mex, with the closest location in the Wuhou District where the university sits.
Red Beard's Burgers
Red Beard's has been an international student's favorite. When you are missing burgers or any sort of grilled food, come to this small yet popular restaurant.
Local Sichuan Food:四川巷子 (Sichuan Alley)
This is a very popular place for the students at Southwest University for Nationalities. It has multiple restaurants, from quick eating to family style. There are many local Sichuan dishes, as well as minority group dishes.
Halal Lanzhou Noodles
Pictured below is an overwhelming favorite, 清真兰州拉面, A local Hui minority restaurant.
Da Dong Bei
A family style restaurant right out the west gate of Southwest University for Nationalities. It is a great place to get a variety of food. A favorite is the 日本豆腐 (Japanese Tofu).
Tibetan Food
Will, a foreign exchange student from the United States, who had an experience as a chef, notes that, "Tibetan yak stew served with a buttery bread makes me firmly question why Tibetan food is not an everyday food in America."
Southwest University students are lucky to have the opportunity to eat so many different styles of food. The most common in the Wuhou District is Tibetan food. Any gate on campus that you exit from, you will find a variety of different Tibetan foods.
1. Mama's Kitchen
A smaller restaurant very close to the west gate of the university. Don't forget to try one of their local teas!
2. Danba Restaurant
Danba style Tibetan food is served at this higher end restaurant. Make sure to try their meat pies!
Danba is a Tibetan area just eight hours away from Chengdu. It is well-liked by the students of the university. Make sure to try their specialty Tibetan包子 (baozi)
On the days when you need something quicker to eat, there are plenty of quick restaurants that you can "Da Bao" 打包 (take out) from.
Here are a few recommendations from international students at Southwest University for Nationalities:
土豆盐煎:Tǔdòu yán jiān
鱼香肉丝:yú xiāng ròu sī
四季豆烘土豆:sìjì dòu hóng tǔdòu
水煮肉片 shuǐ zhǔ ròupiàn
番茄炒鸡蛋:fānqié chǎo jīdàn
干煸四季豆:gān biān sìjì dòu
红汤抄手:hóngtáng chǎo shoú
甜水面: tián shuǐmiàn
担担面:Dàndàn miàn
宫保鸡丁:Gōng bǎo jī dīng
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