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South Korean Entrepreneur Opens 3,000 Square Meters Coffee Shop in Chengdu
Choo hopes to open a more extensive coffee shop to present a complete coffee industry chain so that even people who do not know about coffee can have a pleasant experience there.
The Brazilian Naresi's Family Celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chengdu
The Brazilian Naresi's family celebrate the Chinese New Year in Chengdu
Javi and His Football Career in Chengdu
Javier Perez, 34, is a big fan of Royal Betis, a Spanish professional football club. Born in Seville, Spain, he is currently working as a youth football training coach in Chengdu.
Canadian Artist's Cozy Life in Chengdu
Chad Sinclair, a Canadian living in Chengdu, is renowned for his Penjing works, similar to the commonly known bonsai. Actually, as a musician born into an artistic family, he once had a band in China.
Find My Hometown and Meet Chengdu
Four young foreign students who will be searching the streets of Chengdu for traces of their homeland as the New Year approaches. The process of looking for their hometown also makes them know more about Chengdu.
Movie: The Earth Occupation Plan by Meow Star
Three cat agents "infiltrate" the earth, selected Chengdu as the first place to "Conquer the Earth".
African Boy "Ma Yun": Food Freedom is Realized in Chengdu!
African Boy "Ma Yun" realized food freedom in Chengdu, sharing his story in the talk show "Chengdu in the Eyes of Foreigners".
American Girl Mary McHugh: Why Do I Stay in Chengdu?
Mary McHugh started her talk show in Chengdu, who has been greatly satisfied by the local delicacies in Chengdu.
A Czech Girl's Artistic Life in Chengdu
This video will share with you the story of Xiao Niao and Veronika about how this "seed" from Czech took root and germinated in Chengdu.
GoChengdu's Guests, Episode 2
GoChengdu's Guests Episode 2: Masahiro Morinaga, chief director of JETRO's Chengdu office