Must-try Restaurants in Chengdu

Authors: Go Chengdu


Here is a list of Must-try Restaurants in Chengdu, based on online polls and the evaluation by experts.
The list released May 10 is the result of a selection launched by YOUChengdu, a digital APP to help people instantly locate the catering, tourist and entertainment sites around the city.
The must-try restaurants of 10 classifications cover the range of hotpot, Chuanchuan & BBQ, Sichuan dishes, snacks, drinks, bread & desserts, bars, non-Sichuan Chinese dishes, international delicacies and others.
Restaurant: Xiaolongkan Hotpot (小龙坎老火锅), Chunxi Road
Reasons: good service and innovative food
Chuanchuan & BBQ
Restaurant: Malu Bianbian Spicy Hotpot (马路边边麻辣烫), Zhimin Road
Reasons: original Chengdu tastes
Sichuan Dishes
Restaurant: Taosu Ronghe Liaoli (陶苏融合料理)
Reasons: top quality Sichuan and foreign flavors
Restaurant: Longchaoshou Shifu (龙抄手食府)
Reasons: the gallery of Chengdu snacks
Restaurant: Rand by the Sense
Reasons: fresh bread and best coffee
Bread & desserts
Restaurant: ADDLOVE, Huayou Road
Reasons: quality bread and pastries at affordable prices
Restaurant: HALF·两半
Reasons: amiable environment to drink coffee
Non-Sichuan Chinese Dishes
Restaurant: Daniu Hechaoshan Fresh Beef Hotpot (大牛合潮汕鲜牛肉火锅), Renhe Spring Plaza
Reasons: fresh and tender beef
International Food
Restaurant: Kamii Restaurant (上井精致料理), IFS
Reasons: a showcase of Japanese buffets
Restaurant: Qing'an Vegetarian Restaurant (轻安素食馆)
Reason: top veggie food and agreeable ambiance
(Photos from YOUChengdu)

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