Midnight Snacks, Locals’ Favorite

Authors: Chengdu Evening News


Stands of local snacks in Chengdu post an attraction to people at night.
According to a report co-released by the China Tourism Academy and Meituan.com, one of China's leading group-buying websites, Chengdu ranks fifth among cities in China in terms of the number of midnight snack goers.

“Spicy Food Culture” Creates More Opportunities for Chengdu-Thailand Cooperation

Sichuan food and Thai cuisine share lots of commonalities, in particular, the spicy taste.

May 10, 2019

Gourmet festival offers Chengdu flavor

The giant panda, the iconic image of Sichuan province, will lend its name to a food festival to be held in Chengdu.

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Big Data on Foreign Foods and Restaurants in Chengdu

Asian food restaurants in Chengdu saw a remarkable growth in the past five years.

May 12, 2019

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