Sichuan Cuisine: Not Just Hot and Spicy

Authors: Go Chengdu


Chili and Sichuan Peppercorn allergic and you think Sichuan dishes are unbearable because they are too hot and spicy. Now take it easy and you’ll find foods in Chengdu satisfy your appetite even you DON’T eat hot food, since you have numberless gustatory options in the city to enjoy its many non-spicy dishes.
Stewed Side Pork in Szechwan Style
There are styles of this dish, salty one and sweet one. We would recommend new-comers to try the sweet one for there being no chance for you to have it out of Sichuan province. Sweet bean paste and glutinous rice have been steamed inside of the streaky pork and it will be covered with white sugar after it's done. This dish is more like a dessert and some foreign people describe it as "meat cake".
The salty one is more like braised pork, with pickles inside.
Pork and Sizzling Rice Crust
Pork and Sizzling Rice Crust is known as "锅巴"in Chinese, with a hard and crispy texture and delicious toasted flavor. It is usually served with thick sauce and pork. One of the interesting things about this kind of dish is that it's not only delicious and smells good, but also makes a "sound". When the staff pours thick sauce on it, it will start to make a popping noise. The whole combination of sizzling rice and sweet and sour sauce tastes delicious.
Steamed Chinese Cabbage in Supreme Soup
This dish looks very simple but tastes very well. It is said that it is included in the state banquet. Supreme soup is the essence of this dish. And you needn't use the whole cabbage. The core of the cabbage is the most important ingredient.
Jellied Bean Curd Shape of Chicken
This dish looks like jellied bean curd, but it's actually chicken, and tastes extraordinary.
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