Fragrance-Seeking Journey in Pidu District

Authors: Go Chengdu


As one of the main experience venues of Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival (CPAFF), Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Museum in the Pidu District of Chengdu received a group of domestic and overseas guests on their trip to trace the origin of Sichuan cuisine on May 17.
The guests were thrilled by the brilliant performances of local chefs, such as blindfolded cutting of needle-like noodles, admired artifacts related to the development of Sichuan cuisine, and learned how to cook classical Sichuan dishes.
Experience Culture of Sichuan Cuisine
They were amazed that Pixian Bean Paste, an essential seasoning for Sichuan Cuisine, boasts a 300-year-old history and a sophisticated production process.
The Soul of Authentic Sichuan Cuisine
Cooking classic Sichuan dishes would inevitably need a spoon of Pixian Bean Paste, they were told, and the name of the seasoning has spread over the world as Sichuan Cuisine is gaining global popularity.
The museum is a gallery of the history of Sichuan Cuisine and an experimental factory for the future of Sichuan Cuisine.

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