Foodie’s Recommendations in Wuhou District

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There are foodie’s recommendations in Wuhou district.
There are foodie's recommendations in Wuhou district.
Jinli Snack Street
Jinli in Chengdu's Wuhou District, next to the famous Wuhouci Shrine Museum, boasts a cluster of constructions remolded after the traditional architectural styles in western Sichuan, and features narrow alleys, stone bridges, pavilions, courtyards and various waterside scenes.
Go into the street through the main entrance on the Wuhouci Street, and walk about 100 meters, you will find a fork road with one road leading to tourist sites and the other leading to the snack street.
The snack street is always bustling and the snacks are a perfect combination of colors, aromas and tastes.
Kehua Road
There are eateries which are popular among nonnatives. The favorite Seafood Sautéed Crab with Hot and Spicy Sauce can be tasted in Laoshirenjia Restaurant. Kehua Road Food Street packs many eateries with mouthwatering choices, for example, hotpot, Cantonese food, Thai Food and Southeast Asia Cuisine.
11th Street
You can have lunch, tea, and food at night, and easily experience the life of old Chengdu here.
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Food, a Universal Language

These days, the message board on the homepage of the CPAFF official website ( has been awash with words of foodies from all over the world.

May 16, 2019

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According to statistics, among the 600,000 Chinese restaurants overseas, 30% specialize in Sichuan cuisine.

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